The Biggest Loser: the results are in

Certificate awarded to biggest loser participantsMonika Fenicz at Dawson Books has been in touch to tell us about the results of “The Biggest Loser” initiative she started with her colleagues in July. This was to see who could resist all those tempting treats and lose the most weight…

We have finished our competition now and it was actually a draw between me and Nasser Lassoued. So we have shared the winning pot. We both lost overall 8.6 kg in 8 weeks which is 18.96 lbs.

It was very challenging because 8 weeks is a long time to go without no treats, but all people involved did really well. Overall we all have lost 32.1 kg  which is 5.05 stone 🙂

We all proud of each other and I have managed to design a certificate for everyone.

As well as Monika and Nasser, they were joined by Paul McHenry, Chris Bone, Mary Evans, Lorraine Sarsby, Chaelyn Allcock, Michelle Linge and  Andy Feetham. Their weight loss ranged from 0.3 to 8.6 kg aka 0.35 to 7.6% in bodyweight!

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