CommunitybadgesIf you have a question which is not answered here, please contact your Community Champion or email the Comms Team at Rowan House.

Community Link-Up

What is it?
Community Link-Up is a year-long activity, reflecting how Community Week has naturally developed into more than just one week.  You are encouraged to do something for your local community via Link-Up’s 3 key strands – Charity Fundraising, Community Volunteering and Colleague Involvement.

The Community Link-Up blog you’re reading now is designed to showcase your efforts, celebrate success and to help you with planning your involvement.

I’ve seen references to Community Week and Dispatches – what are they?

In 2011 we held a week-long fundraising activity called Community Week in June, but it soon became clear your good deeds happened year-round! So in 2012 this blog was renamed Dispatches, then in 2013 it became Community Link-Up to reflect the three key strands outlined above.

CharityfundraisingCharity Fundraising

What can I do?
Raise money for a charity. You can arrange your own activities, link-up with an activity organised by your nominated charity or other external organiser, OR take part in our Flagship Fundraiser for 2015 – full details are coming soon.

What fundraising activities can I do?
The only limits are the limits of your imagination! (And taking Health & Safety issues into consideration of course).  Why not take a look Categories listed in the sidebar on the right or our new Fundraising Pack for lots of suggestions?  You could: have an auction, do a car wash, hold a coffee morning, have an endurance competition, do some odd jobs…

What charity should I support?
You can support whichever charity means the most to you and your location or team.

Are there any Flagship Fundraisers this year?
Yes. There’s the Trans Pennine Hike challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This is an exciting new walking challenge we’ll be supporting this year; full details will be announced very soon.

Who can take part?
All employees are encouraged to take part.  Feel free to set up your own fundraising event at your location or join in one that’s already organised. Our Events Diary  also has plenty of ideas for you to try.

What if I need some help?
If you are supporting a local charity they should be able to help you with any issues you may encounter while trying to fundraise.  Externally organised events usually have a wealth of support, advice and ideas you can use via their website. Otherwise you can approach your Community Champion.  There is a Community Champion at each of the company’s locations around the UK.  See the Community Champions Page for a full list.  Or contact the Comms Team via email, or telephone 01793 56 3516/3927.

CommunityVolunteeringCommunity Volunteering

What can I do?
Give some time to a cause or organisation you feel passionate about. Your skills and dedicated time can be just as valuable as a monetary donation. It doesn’t have to be a charity, you can also choose to support a local community group or school in your area.

Volunteer Time allows you to apply for up to a week’s additional leave for you to support your chosen organisation in this way, subject to your manager’s approval.

Are there any specific activities available?
Yes. There is our Stickability programme, or staff based in or near Swindon can also help support their local charity DASH in a number of ways.

Alternatively you might like to support your industry colleagues by becoming a NewstrAid Almoner. NB NewstrAid celebrated a fantastic 175 years of service in 2014.

I’d like some further ideas
Our Volunteer Case Study blog posts showcase a wealth of examples for you to adopt as your own. The new Volunteer Resources Page has even more, plus links to organisations who advertise lots of different opportunities for volunteering.

ColleagueinvolvementColleague Involvement

What is it?
Colleague Involvement is about you meeting with colleagues to share ideas and experiences outside of your day-to-day group at work. This has proved a very successful community strand and has often involved participation in Charity Fundraising or Community Volunteering activities – a ‘link-up’ within Link-Up!

Any specific events for 2015?
We have two events to tempt you! Attack the Track in March and Pitch or Court? in September. We will add more details via specific blog posts as more details become available.

You may also like to hold your own event – the blog posts from 2013’s Link-Up Fortnight or in the Category listings in the sidebar on the right will help to inspire you and find something suitable.

Community Link-Up Blog

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