How to Leave a Comment

Did you know Community Link-Up is different to most other websites?

How? A blog (short for weblog, which is an online diary) like Community Link-Up is designed to be interactive. It means you can add your comments as well as reading all the news and information about Community Link-Up!

We’d also like Community Link-Up to become a community in its own right. Having a conversation on here via the Comments link available at the bottom of the all blog posts is the first step towards that goal. It means you can say something encouraging to colleagues or a team about their fundraising or volunteering efforts, or you can be appreciative of someone featured who may work a different shift or be in a completely different location to you.

Or perhaps you have some top tips about fundraising or about an event you organised or took part in. E.g. our previous cycling teams have plenty of experience useful to anyone embarking on a new cycling venture, whether it’s a solo or team venture! Or you might have a fundraising question your colleagues can answer.

OK, how do I make a comment?

Let’s have a look a previous post about Newcastle House’s cheque presentation to Marie Curie Cancer Care…

At the time of writing, no-one had commented on this post, so the circled area says Leave a Comment. If you click on that, the next screen you’ll see is something like this…

NB if you’re adding a Comment on Community Link-Up for the first time, it doesn’t appear straight away as it’s held in ‘quarantine’ for approval. That’s so I can make sure only comments from people like you appear on the blog and not all the oodles of spam messages from dubious websites that only I get to see.

After I’ve approved your comment, then all your future ones will appear as soon as you click on the Post Comment button.

When Comments are added, the comment link at the bottom of the post changes to show how many comments have been made. Here’s how  Announcing Our Second Flagship Fundraiser: From S to N post looked after some comments had been left…

This time, the next screen you’ll see when you click on the link to add your comment looks something like this…

Phew – that’s it for now! So if you have any questions, you know what to do don’t you?

Yes, that’s right – do leave a Comment :D

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