Keep in Touch

It’s all about you!

Your stories are the lifeblood of this blog, and we and your colleagues love to see them!

Whilst we may not have a fundraising target to meet this year, we’ll still be encouraging and supporting everyone in all your fundraising efforts. Our community programme has been, and always will be about giving you the freedom to support those charities and causes close to your hearts. Just make sure you tell us about them!

Email us and we’ll feature your event here on the Community Link-Up blog. The Publicity Form is designed to help you tell your story… and remember to enclose those all important photographs!!!!

Don’t forget for every event we feature, you’ll receive a £20 donation to your charity as a thank you 🙂

Your key contact point for all aspects of the community programme is Laura Smith in Group Comms. 

And during 2014…

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with all the latest Community Link-Up news via our e-newsletters.

These will include updates on all our flagship events, fundraising and volunteering ideas, and most importantly – staff efforts and achievements from across the Group.

We’re also keeping an archive of previous newsletters to help with the induction of new staff, or if you need a copy again.

So whether you’re fundraising for a local charity, taking part in a national event, or just want to share your story – let us know!