How to Alter Your Subscription Frequency

When you subscribe, the default frequency is set to whenever a blog post is published. This is usually OK, but at times when we have lots of news to tell you, you may wish to alter this setting. There are two further options available:

  • Daily – emails are sent out Monday to Friday, where applicable
  • Weekly – emails are sent on a Monday morning (there’s very few weeks when we don’t publish something!)

Remember, that setting your subscription to Weekly may mean you miss reminders about approaching deadlines, or news hot off the press about yourself or your colleagues!

There are two places where you have the option to alter your subscription setting:

  • In the sign-up confirmation email after hitting the ‘Confirm Follow‘ button
  • In every subscription email you receive by clicking the ‘Manage subscription‘ link you’ll find towards the end of the email

With either option you will then see something like this:

wordpress subscription alteration screen with instructions

Job done!

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