Newsletter Archive

Listed below are all the Community Link-Up e-newsletters issued – in pdf format. These are useful if you need to download a copy again, or as part of your company induction for new staff.

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News for 2015

February – Community Link-Up 2015 Launch Newsletter

News for 2014

February 19th – Community Link-Up 2014 Launch

March 3rd – Community Link-Up 2013 Awards

April 22nd – Connections Magazine First Edition

2013 Archive

March 18th – Community Link-Up Launch

Newsletter ‘specials’:

  1. Charity Fundraising Special
  2. Community Volunteering Special
  3. Colleague Link-Up Special
  4. Link-Up Fortnight 2013
  5. Community Link-Up Review of the Year – December 2013

Regular newsletters:

  1. Week commencing 15th April
  2. Week commencing 29th April
  3. Week commencing 13th May
  4. Week commencing 27th May
  5. Week commencing 10th June
  6. Week commencing 24th June
  7. Week commencing 8th July
  8. Week commencing 22nd July
  9. Week commencing 5th August
  10. Week commencing 19th August