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Blog Overview

The Community Link-Up blog is divided into 5 main areas (NB drawing is not to scale):

CLU Blog OverviewThe Menu shows the key content area headings for the blog. Click [or tap if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone] on a Menu item to show the information under that heading. Some Menu items also have additional sub-menus, hover your mouse pointer over the Menu headings [or tap if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone] and the sub-menus will appear where applicable. You can also click [or tap] on these to read the information given.

Now for a closer look at the blog starting with the Main Menu…


This is the default Page shown when you go into Community Link-Up. It will either show the latest posts published, OR a single post if e.g. you clicked [or tapped] on a link to the blog from a newsletter or subscription email.

NB If you navigate away from the Home Page, there are 2 ways to get back there from elsewhere in the blog. You can either click on Home on the Menu, or click on the Banner image at the top of the blog. This is the only Menu option with 2 ways to navigate back there.

How do I know I’m on the Home Page and not somewhere else?

Post title areaIf you’re on the Home Page you’ll see a number of dated entries. Just like the example shown on the left, each has a title followed by the publication date and the author’s name underneath. This is the only page where these are shown.

post footer areaThen at the bottom of each post you’ll see the Categories it’s filed under (in this example it’s just Event Focus) and a link inviting you to Leave a comment. If comments have been left already this changes to show the number of comments added. You can still click on the link to leave your own comment. Further guidance on how to leave a comment is here.

NB The information shown under the Home page changes as and when new blog posts are published. The information shown under the other Menu headings (described below) is more ‘fixed’ in its nature and is designed to show important general information about Community Link-Up.


This Page introduces you to the Community Link-Up programme and invites you to get in touch with the news of your fundraising and participation in other Community Link-Up events. There are several sub-menu Pages under this heading:

  • Events Diary 2015 – dates of the key Community Link-Up events planned for this year. These are followed by a month by month list of popular externally organised fundraising events (with links to more information) previously tried by Connect Group staff, plus some new ones you might like to try.
  • 2015 Link-Ups – a growing list of the charities you’ve chosen to support; those externally organised events supported by at least one member of staff; a list of volunteer time activities; and a list of colleague link-ups over the year.
  • 2014 and 2013 Link-Ups (on separate pages) – as for 2015, but with the activities and support applicable to that year. These are a source of ideas of events you might like to try, or causes you might like to support.
  • Keep in Touch – key contact information.

Charity Fundraising menu optionCharity Fundraising is one of Community Link-Up’s 3 main strands. As well as an introduction on the main Page, there are also sub-menu options to take you to some further Pages written for this strand. These are:

  • Flagship Fundraisers – details of the main fundraising events supported by Connect Group. These will also have their own sub-menu Pages providing more details of each event.
  • In addition there are links to this year’s Fundraising Pack plus Publicity and Sponsorship Forms.

Community volunteering menu option

Community Volunteering

This Page introduces you to this key Community Link-Up strand. There are further sub-menu options to take you to its main activities and initiatives: Volunteer Time, DASH., Stickability, and NewstrAid. There’s also a Volunteer Resource Page to help you find other volunteering activities to suit your interests and skills.

Colleague involvementColleague Involvement

The third key Community Link-Up strand is designed to facilitate better communication and co-operation across Connect Group and with external colleagues. Look out for specific announcements for 2015’s activities. These will have their own sub-menu options when further details are available.

Other menu optionsOther Menu options

  • The FAQs option is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions you’ve asked about Community Link-Up. It now has a new sub-menu option for Blog FAQs and Help. This Blog Tour is part of that 🙂
  • The Community Champions option has a link to the new list for 2015. This replaces any paper copies you’ve downloaded previously.
  • The Documents option has links to the new Publicity and Sponsorship Forms for 2015 which replace any paper copies you may have on file. You’ll also find a link to the Volunteer Time application form. This Page also has sub-menu options taking you to some useful Training Plans documentation, plus a Newsletters Archive for Community Link-Up’s e-newsletters.

… Now let’s look at the two main ‘housekeeping’ areas: the right hand sidebar and blog footer…

Documents & blog tourThese areas are designed to help you find the information you need and for other day-to-day usage of the blog.

Starting with the right hand sidebar… (shown here on the left!)

The order of the elements shown is flexible and will depend on what’s a priority at the time. They include:

  • An optional ‘Stop Press’ section at the top, alerting you to key news about Community Link-Up
  • An invitation to take this Blog Tour (shown on the left)
  • An optional ‘Key Dates for the month’ list e.g. Flagship fundraiser dates, reminders about closing dates etc
  • An invitation to get in touch with your news, or comments about the blog, things you’d like to see or suggestions for changes etc
  • An invitation to subscribe (see here for a detailed guide)
  • A number of different ways to find the information you need – a search facility; a drop down Category List to find posts written about particular subjects; and a calendar showing the days (in blue) posts were published – if you hover your mouse over a blue date, the title(s) of the item(s) published on that day appear. If you click on a blue date, it will take you to those items. See here for a more detailed guide to these options.
  • A picture list of the current most popular posts and pages
  • Highlights of the year as seen in the pictures you’ve submitted for publication
  • Twitter information will be added when the account information is available

Then down at the bottom of the page you’ll find…

blog footer

This area gives you another way to find posts – an Archives listing published by month this time. Simply click or tap on the arrow button on the right to display and select the month you’d like to see. There’s also a counter showing the number of visits made to Community Link-Up so far, plus a link to the privacy notice which is needed to ensure the blog complies with legal requirements. The ‘Theme’ description to the far right shows the design template we’ve chosen to display Community Link-Up‘s information.

…And finally…

The importance of Community Link-Up going forward is reflected in its dedicated email address.

So, enjoy exploring the blog we look forward to hearing all about your Community Link-Up news!

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