Training Plans

Anyone considering a long distance walk or a cycle ride for their fundraising this year may find the following training plans from previous Flagship Fundraisers useful.


We’ve got a helping hand from the organiser of our bike ride Flagship Fundraisers: Andy Cook Cycling.

You can download a 12-week training plan based on ability. We have a 12-week plan for Beginners and a 12-week plan for Intermediate riders. The training plan is suitable for distance bike rides of around 300-400 miles over several days and varied terrain.


The organisers of the Ridgeway Walk on behalf of Sense have devised a 14-week training plan suitable for those contemplating a longer distance (26 to 52 miles) of continual upland walking.

Ridgeway Walk Training  Plan

In 2013, we’ve added the following additional plans to help with the preparation of other popular sporting challenges…


  • Couch to 5K – a 9-week NHS sponsored plan for beginner runners aiming to run 5 kilometres
  • 5k+ – a training plan for those who’ve completed the Couch to 5K plan and are looking to extend their running further


Zero to 1650 – a plan to get you swimming a mile in just 6 weeks

If you have found other training plans particularly useful, then please let us know in the comments below. Training plans for swimming, running (e.g. half or full marathons) and triathlon challenges are particularly sought after as these have proved popular in the past. It would be great to set up a ‘library’ of useful resources!