How to Subscribe to Community Link-Up

Whilst I’m publishing posts pretty regularly on Community Link-Up, when they actually happen is dependent on whether there’s some news to tell you. It means they’re a bit more random than the newspaper and magazine deliveries you’re used to dealing with every day.

Instead of checking back here regularly, did you know you can subscribe to Community Link-Up to make sure you don’t miss a thing? Have a look to the right of the page – you’re looking for the heading Email Alerts just like the screenshot below shows:

The Community Link-Up screen then changes to look like this:

NB The above example refers to Dispatches, the previous name for this blog. Just mentally substitute Community Link-Up wherever you see the Dispatches name; what you need to do to subscribe doesn’t change!

At the same time (or soon after) an email will arrive in your Inbox from with Follow in the subject line. You must action this email to receive your email subscription. If you don’t you won’t receive anything when a new post is published. When you open the email you will see:

When you hit the ‘Confirm Follow’ button you’ll see a subscription confirmation screen like this one:

The yellow box above on the subscription confirmation screen will change to say your changes have been saved as soon as you hit the ‘Save Changes’ button. You’ll also have another email arrive in your Inbox called [Subscribe] Confirmed Subscription to Posts on to confirm you’ve completed the sign-up process. Open it and it’ll look similar to that shown below. If neither email arrives in your Inbox, check your Spam folder to make sure it isn’t in there. Your email software might not like the address. If it’s not in your Spam folder, then have a look at the Subscription emails not received guidance on what to do next.

That’s it – you’re now set up to receive your regular dose of Community Link-Up by email :)

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