Blog FAQs and Help

On this page you’ll find answers to the general blog questions we’ve received so far. There are further sub-pages about specific aspects of how the blog works. You’ll find links to the latter after the General section below as well as finding them from the Menu at the top of this page (To find them from the Menu, go to the Menu bar at top of the page -> FAQs -> Blog FAQs and Help -> drop-down list of specific blog aspects).

If your question about Community Link-Up isn’t answered here or in the sub-pages, contact your Community Champion or email the Comms Team for more information.


What is a blog?
A blog (short for “web log”) is special kind of website which is a bit like an online diary. It has a series of articles (called “posts”) published in reverse chronological order, which may be illustrated with pictures, sound or video. They may also link to other websites for further information, or other materials such as pdf documents. In addition, it can have fixed content (called Pages) which are accessed via a drop-down Menu found above the articles.

What is Community Link-Up?
This is the name of the blog designed to bring you the latest news of the Connect Group initiative of the same name.

Take the Blog Tour to find out more about Community Link-Up‘s structure and special features.

What happened to the Dispatches blog?
Nothing! We revamped renamed Dispatches in early 2013 to reflect the wider remit of the Community Link-Up initiative. All the content previously published in the Dispatches blog is still here.

What kind of content do you feature?
Anything about Community Link-Up‘s three main strands:

  • Charity Fundraising
  • Community Volunteering
  • Colleague Involvement

Take the Blog Tour to find out more about Community Link-Up‘s structure and special features.

How do I tell you about some news I have about Community Link-Up?
That’s great! We love hearing your news about your fundraising exploits or link-ups with colleagues from both within and outside of Connect Group. We’re especially looking for examples of how you’re using Volunteer Time or any link-ups you’ve had, to provide some Case Studies to help inspire your colleagues.

The downloadable Publicity Form is designed to help you provide this news and for us to tell your story. Don’t forget to send us your pictures too!

Remember, if we feature your story here on Community Link-Up, we’ll donate £20 to your nominated charity.

I can’t see the answer to my question
If your question about the Community Link-Up blog isn’t answered here or in the sub-pages listed below, contact your Community Champion or email the Comms Team for more information.

Questions about specific aspects of the blog

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