Jo Smashes Her Target

Jo Cooke final update image002In her final post for 2015, FSSC‘s Jo Cooke has plenty of good news about her half marathon challenge…

“WOW… what a year!!  The final one has been completed!!  I can’t quite believe that it’s over and I’ve done it… number 10 is in the bag!!

Although it didn’t go quite to plan… I, along with 30 other runners from my club, were supposed to be heading up to Lancaster on Sunday 6th December but Desmond put a stop to that plan!!

On Saturday afternoon, the organisers had to postpone the event due to the weather.  Pretty much of the route, in fact most of the area was and still is flooded. So my running club came to the rescue and within a few hours we’d cancelled the fun bus and organised a local half marathon route with a few water and sweetie stations.

Jo Cooke finishIt meant all was not lost and with thanks to the tremendous support of the club I managed to complete the challenge… and on the day when it meant so much.

It was a much hillier route than Lancaster and there was a lot more banter than usual at the normal race events. It was great fun and it turned into a really special event. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to complete this challenge.

My time… well who cares about that, at this stage finishing the challenge was the aim!!  They even got me a medal and t-shirt, which to anyone who takes part in running events knows is a major attraction!!”

Jo Cooke final update image006

Jo’s Roll of Honour 2015 – 10 out of 10:

  • Jan 18th – Inskip – 1:58:17
  • Feb 15th  – Liversedge – 2:04:08
  • Mar 29th  – Liverpool – 1:58:44
  • Apr 26th – Blackpool – 1:56:59
  • Jun 14th  – Liverpool Rock n Roll – 1:56:13
  • Jul 19th – Lytham Windmill – 1:58:51
  • Aug 9th – Isle of Man – 1:59:17
  • Sep 13th – The Great North Run – 2:23:46
  • Oct 25th  – Worksop – 2:04:46
  • Dec 6th  – The Lions Halifax Half – 2:18:49

“As ever, a big thanks to all of those that have donated so far. With your generosity and support I’m at a whopping £2,430.20. Considering my original target was £1,000 and then I wanted to get to £1,500, you’ve exceeded all of my expectations!!

My JustGiving page is still open for donations…  for anyone who still wishes to donate online.”

Fantastic news Jo, well done. It’s wonderful to see how your clubmates and friends rallied round to make sure you completed your challenge 🙂

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