Jo’s Update: 9 Down…

Crossing the Tyne Bridge on the Great North Run

Crossing the iconic Tyne Bridge on the Great North Run

FSSC‘s Jo Cooke brings us the latest news from her half marathon challenge…

“Hi there…

Wanna see my medal?

Wow… 9 down, only one more to go!!

So since my last update, I had to drop out of the Halifax Half due to injury which was a shame as it was local to me, but I needed to make sure I was fit for the big one, the one I’d been looking forward to all year… The Great North Run!!

So my 8th Half was the Great North Run*… what a fantastic experience, I absolutely loved every single minute of it!!  I wasn’t fully fit so knew it wasn’t going to be a personal best but I just wanted to get round. My time was 2:23:46 which considering my calf protested at 5.5 miles and I had to hobble jog round the remaining 7.5 miles, I was more than happy with.

And here's another one

And here’s number 9

My penultimate Half was at Worksop… a real treat this one as the majority of the run went through the National Trust’s Clumber Park.

It was a gorgeous day so the autumn colours were fabulous…  I had a 4 week rest from running so went in with fresh legs and just the intention of finishing without getting injured, I managed this in a time of 2:04:46…”

To recap on Jo’s runs so far:

  • Jan 18th –  Inskip – 1:58:17
  • Feb 15th –  Liversedge – 2:04:08
  • Mar 29th  –  Liverpool – 1:58:44
  • Apr 26th – Blackpool – 1:56:59
  • Jun 14th  – Liverpool Rock n Roll – 1:56:13 [latest PB – Ed]
  • Jul 19th   – Lytham Windmill – 1:58:51
  • Aug 9th   – Isle of Man – 1:59:17
  • Sep 13th – The Great North Run – 2:23:46
  • Oct 25th – Worksop – 2:04:46

“My final Half is the Lancaster 3-1-5 which will is on the 6th December… I think fate had a hand in this one, as this will be the 11th anniversary of when my Dad passed away. Now if I hadn’t got injured I would have completed my 10th run yesterday… its almost like it was meant to be… 🙂

As ever, a big thanks to all of those that have donated so far; with your generosity and support I’m at a fantastic £1,414. My original target was £1,000, which with your help I’ve gone over but it would be great to get to £1,500… come on, it’s 10 half marathons!!!”

Here’s Jo’s JustGiving page for those extra donations.

Good luck Jo, you’re almost there…

* = Did you know the Great North Run is the world’s largest half marathon?

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