Borehamwood Show Us the Cake

How true!

How true!

Spot the cake!

Once again Borehamwood are the first location to show us their cakes for Macmillan! I see some healthier options were available, making this an event everyone could share in. Kelly Carey has more..

“Borehamwood made cakes and brought cakes and raised £50.50 for Macmillan

We also took part in “Spot the Cake” which was in the Macmillan support pack and £30 went to the winner and £30 went to Macmillan.

Total raised £80.50

Thanks Kelly for such a prompt report 🙂

Looking forward to seeing more reports coming in, and updating you on the total amount raised this year.

Borehamwood Macmillan Coffee Morning Cake Collage

Lots of evidence of cake munching and good use made of Macmillan’s support pack 🙂

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