Pitch or Court: Game On!

Pitch or Court Netball Teams

It’s not long until Sunday’s tournament! We’ve just got enough time to bring you the remaining eight netball teams who will warm up for the first time this year.

The order of the information given is: Team Name | Location | Captain | Players and Substitutes (if the latter are named).

  • Walls of Frost | Worcester | Laura Lison | Lesley Alcock, Lucy Evans, Hannah Burnett, Charlotte Lewis, Cat Davies, Amy Williams, Sam Cawte, Sophie Morris
  • Shooting Stars | Bradford | Jemma Ackroyd | Debbie Gott, Rita Ramme-Zake, Terri-Leigh Bates, Ellie Growther, Louise Tempest-Mitchell, Kate Jewson (sub), Sheila Penman (sub), Olivia Scott Blowes (sub) Abigail Tong
  • Smash and Grab | Nottingham | Sam Lucas | Gavin Howard, Steve Bateman, Hannah Piggens, Richard Rudd, Phil Roome, Sarah Shopland, Steve Fox (sub)
  • Tequila Slammers | Education & Care, Trowbridge | Zoe Smith | Louise Currie, Collette Pope, Kerry Macey, Adam Henry, Martin Shelford, Simon Wilshire, Tammy Bell (sub) Fraser Forbes (sub)
  • All Sorts | Education & Care, Trowbridge | Tina Lawes | Jenny Chesham, Claire Milburn, Fran Andrews, Jackie Winchcombe, Sandra Leggat, Holly Bryan, Kelly Leggat (sub), Linda Parry (sub)
  • Warehouse Ladies | Education & Care, Trowbridge | Sue Keatley | Sheena Kennedy, Jessica McDaid, Agne Balciunaite, Becky Englefield, Erika Balciuniene, Sammy Watkins, Sandra Johnstone (sub), Cassie Powell (sub), Helena Lucka (sub)
  • Watson’s Warriors | Rowan House | Matt Watson | Cheryl Smith, Emma Wilkinson, Lucy Manfield, Anya Perry, Tom Wright, Victoria Dower, Jakub Sokalski (sub), Nic Black (sub), Terri Bayliss (sub), Richard Webb (sub)
  • Not Ballers | Rowan House | Tammy Parsons | Jenna Wilson, Laura Smith, Ashleigh Goodchild, Caitlin Kirwan, Lynn Scott, Kirsty Foddy, Emma Broom, Debbie Nicholas, Simon Sargent (sub), Jacqui Robbins (sub), Laura House (sub)

Good luck on Sunday everyone! We look forward to seeing plenty of football and netball action, plus full match reports next week!

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