Health Week: The Pledge Tree

Rowan House Health Week Pledge tree and activities

The pledge tree and some of the resultant activities – TRX training at the gym, fresh fruit and juice, plus a midday run

We’re continuing this week with more stories and ideas from our successful Health Week!

Lynsey Bull at Rowan House set up a pledge tree – members of her team pinned apples to the tree that each represented a pledge they would make that week. As well as the pictured activities, Lynsey says:

“We had a few people have their blood pressure tested and a few people taking a little break to take a walk around the building.”

Meanwhile, Lesley Alcock reports on what happened at Worcester Sales Centre:

“A group of people had a fitness session at a local gym. We started with a Body Pump class swiftly followed by Spinning. All the team who participated have received a free pass to go and try out the gym again.”

We have a couple of more locations left to feature and plenty more ideas to come on Wednesday 🙂

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