Who’s Taking Part in the Trans Pennine Hike?

Trans Pennine Hike logoThe answer is lots of you! We have 23 participants, which is just brilliant.

So on the 18th July the following will be heading for the hills to raise pots of cash for Macmillan:

  • Simon Parker and Abby Brooks – Bertrams
  • Chris Foord and Abby Slinger – Borehamwood (aka Just the 2 of Us)
  • Poppy Bounden – Dawson Books
  • Aileen Newsome – FFSC
  • Sam Everett and Stephanie Carr – Instore  (aka Rob Starr team)
  • Leigh Watson – Lincoln
  • Daniel Ballard, Alan Witts and Robin Sandbach-Marshall – MSC Worcester
  • Gemma Dallman, Samantha New, Mark Silver, Sarah Miles and Tracey Miles (family) – Rowan House
  • Christie Stevens – Stevenage
  • Nadine Evans, Vince Tierney and Nick Scraggs – The Consortium (aka part of the Magnificent Seven plus 2 Blokes)
  • Dianne Levitt and Natasha Sewley – WMS Shrewsbury (also part of the Magnificent Seven plus 2 Blokes team)

Good luck everyone. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!

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