Health Week: “We All Jumped at the Chance to be Involved”

Wordery Health week cartoonIn the latest of our Health Week reports, we get the lowdown from 2 more of our teams. First up is Lucy Manfield from Wordery, whose cheerful cartoon from her email doesn’t reflect what actually happened…

  • Monday – fresh fruit for all 
  • Tuesday –  a challenge issued for us to stand during every meeting for the day
  • Wednesday – Badminton tournament (singles, doubles, running around like mad things – all welcome)
  • Thursday – perfecting your posture – information on how to improve your posture and keeping your back healthy when sitting at a desk all day
  • Friday – picnic and a stroll – boots on for a walk in the countryside and having a (healthy) picnic 

Then Phil Clements told us about Tesco Field Team‘s idea after Ken Ingham’s briefing…

“We all jumped at the chance to be involved. Whilst our plans were small, they were significant.

Unfortunately changing from cars to bikes for the week is not really an option for us. However in our visits to Tesco stores around the country we all too often park as close as possible to the store to save our little legs, so in an effort to each undertake a greater number of walking steps each day we committed to parking in the furthest reaches of each car park to add a brisk walk to our health regime.

Unaccustomed as we are to manual labour (unlike those of our colleagues working in Houses) each Territory Manager also volunteered to visit a local large Tesco store during the early morning to help our Tesco News & Mags assistants to work that day’s delivery during Health Week.

Further to this, each member of the team committed to taking a healthy eating option for lunch each day – fruit or salad instead of the usual sandwich and crisps. Naturally this should also provide a financial benefit as well as a health one, so each Territory Manager also opted to use this saving by way of a donation to Ken and Mike Makinson’s ‘Conquer The Lakes’ bike ride challenge, where between 3rd and 5th July, Ken and Mike will be cycling 200km around the Lake District before climbing Scafell Pike in aid of the Christie Cancer Hospital in Manchester.”

Thanks for your news Lucy and Phil! We also look forward to hearing how Ken and Mike get on in July 🙂

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