The Tearjerker Triathlon: No Drowning and All Smiles

Tearjerker Triathlon - before the swim

Before the swim… and smiling

Bertrams‘ Megan Davies brings us news of her first triathlon – the imaginatively named Thetford Tearjerker…

“I got round in one piece, no drowning and all smiles. I was incredibly nervous at the start, the swim was worrying me a lot, but I actually got through the swim in half the time I did in practice (which was still a lot slower than most people) and with minimal panic, so I was really pleased.

I knew once the swim was over I could finish the full triathlon. The first transition wasn’t the quickest and about a mile into the ride my mudguard fell off and since I borrowed the bike from a friend I didn’t want to leave it so I had to ride carrying that to the first Marshall, who kindly took it from me, but overall the bike portion went quicker than anticipated (especially for an off-road ride) and I was soon on the run.

I had anticipated the run would be the easiest part, since that’s what I’m used to, but I resembled Bambi when I first set off and this section was unexpectedly the bit where I really slowed up. I took about 9 minutes longer to complete the run than I usually would for that distance.

Megan with her friend Rachel - all done and all smiles!

Megan with her friend Rachel (left) – all done and all smiles!

The run didn’t feel uncomfortable, I’m used to plodding along on tired legs, but my legs felt very heavy so it was more of a plod than usual. My total time for all sections and transitions was 2:25:03 (750m swim, 25k off-road bike, 5k trail run). I’d anticipated a minimum 3 hours to finish, so I was very happy!

I don’t know that I’ll put myself through that again, I think I will stick to the running in future…never say never though, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!”

Thanks Megan – glad to see your foot held up on your return to racing, even if your run felt more of a plod than usual!

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