Pitch or Court: Now Choose Your Sport!

Pitch or Court logoWe’re delighted to announce details of our sports tournament for 2015, where netball joins football as the game with everything to play for!

The date is Sunday, 27th September, the time is 9-4pm and the venue is the Futsal Stadium, Swindon, the scene of our successful Group football tournament for the past 2 years.

Once more the Alan Humphrey Trophy will be up for grabs for the futsal players, and a new trophy will be on display for the winners of the netball tournament.

Football teams require 5 people, plus a goalie and a reserve; netball teams need 7 players plus a reserve. The tournament is open to Connect Group employees only, so no ringers please!

We have lots of information for you about the day, the tournaments and the games as follows:

Please note in particular the rules concerning the use of players in each tournament, the equipment you’ll need to bring with you, and the restrictions on drinking alcohol. There’ll be plenty of time for celebrations afterwards!

Finally there’s the all important Registration Form for you to complete once you’ve assembled your team.

This promises to be a fun day where you, your friends and family are all invited!

The closing date for team entries is 21st August 2015.

If you have any further questions after reading all the information, email Laura Smith or call her on 01793 563753.

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