Behold, 100 Pink Fairies

100 Pink Fairies

Suits you!

LTN‘s Eugene Howson has news of his latest venture…

“On Sunday 17th May, I have been asked to run a 10k.

Wait for it!!!!!!!!!- Dressed as a Pink Fairy! (Fancy dress has been ordered).

The challenge:

Get 100 runners to dress as Pink Fairies to run a 10k race and raise 10k, in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

The event is the Royal Berkshire 10k which is held at Green Park, Reading. It’s a bit of fun, and proceeds go to a good cause to aid research in blood cancers. Each Fairy (I mean runner) has pledged to raise £100.

You can give support which is always appreciated by visiting a shared website (page owner Nick Robey).”

On the JustGiving Page Nick says:

“It makes sense – 100 pink fairies running 10k in order to raise 10k and make a difference. To be a fairy you can be any age between 15 and 100 and of any running ability at all as it’s the taking part and raising money that counts.”

What a fun idea! We can’t wait to see the photos AND find out what you’ll be up to next Eugene 😉

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