Newport Wear Red

Newport Wear Red

Lots of cakes! Sarah Melchior holds the first cake that she’s ever made! We are still alive!! Judy Read gives Craig Bourne from the stock room his £34.00 prize as the winner of guessing how many feathers were in the four-foot feather boa.

Judy Read has news of Newport‘s Wear Red Day last Friday in support of The British Heart Foundations Wear It. Beat It. event. It turns out they didn’t just see red…

” We sold cakes all week from Customer Services, had a raffle to guess how many feathers on a four-foot feather boa, and had bacon rolls today. Even the boys wore red in the Warehouse today…  something to do with Wales playing Rugby against England.”

The total raised was a fantastic £175.01.

The warehouse wear red

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    Good to see a great turn out of support and varied fundraising initiatives for this new charity event.

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