Wear Red on the 6th

Fund raising poster for Wear Red on the 6th February

Publicity poster created for Wear Red Day

Bertrams‘ Michelle Ward has news of her latest fund-raising and awareness initiative which is being supported by the whole of Connect Books…

“As you may have seen on TV, the British Heart Federation are having a wear red day to raise awareness of heart conditions [Wear It. Beat It. on February 6th – Ed].  This also comes in conjunction with congenital heart conditions defect (CHD) awareness week on 7th to 14th February.

My aim is to get more people aware of CHD and help raise money for the Children’s Heart Federation  and Heartline. Both are groups for parents who have children with heart conditions which offers support to parents, free wetsuits to keep children warm while swimming, free activity weekends, and a lot more.

Michelle with Kieran on their sponsored walk last year

Michelle with Kieran on their sponsored walk last year

When my little boy was born in 2011 I did not know anything about CHD. He had difficulties putting on weight, feeding and was asleep most of the time. After lots of visits to the Doctor’s and HV I was told that he had colic and was also a lazy baby.

On his 10 week check up we found out that he had a heart condition (Had a hole in his heart and a leaky aortic valve) and was in heart failure, he ended up having  2 open heart surgeries in February 2012.

If I knew about CHD and what to look for I may have been able to get my son’s treatment more quickly.”

Thanks for adding a new date to our Events Diary for 2015 Michelle! We look forward to seeing what you and your colleagues get up to for Wear Red Day next week 🙂

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    Looking forward to seeing what you and your colleagues decide to wear.

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