Christmas Greetings

Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children at Newport with Christmas GreetingsNewport‘s special effort for Christmas Jumper Day says it all. Thank you 🙂

Meanwhile, over at Slough, Shefali Patel reports…

Christmas Jumpers at Slough

“We at had great fun celebrating Christmas Jumper Day as we had a great response from all staff and Managers plus a generous donation from our delivery contractor drivers. We also had some festive treats on the go for the day and have raised an impressive £97 and still counting…

We had another charity event during the same week – a Fifa Tournament where in total 22 members of staff/managers participated in the event. On this day we managed to raise £57, another impressive amount.”

And finally, Newcastle have nipped in with a quick update courtesy of Carol Inglis…

Newcastle Christmas Jumper Day

“We had a great day in Newcastle. Donna, the lady with the snowman on her head, organised a name the jumper, with Charlotte winning with Christmas Pudding.  Members of the Customer Service, Admin & Day Pack teams came in suitably dressed.

We raised £64 in total for Save The Children.”

So,  from the reports we’ve posted, plus the updated totals received since then, we now have an overall total of £725.49 raised thus far. Then there are the £20 donations for each jumper blog post featured in Community Link-Up, plus the government’s matched funding to add to that. This means the current total raised is nearly £1,600!

What a fantastic way to finish our fundraising for 2014. Have a good Christmas everyone and we look forward to seeing more of your plans and reports in 2015!

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    A fantastic turnout by everyone at all locations featured in this and the previous posts. A fitting seasonal end to 2014’s fundraising activities.

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