Stop Ebola – an Update from Yaima

The Stop Ebola Stall at the Winter Market in Norwich

Yaima Ballester has been in touch with the latest on her efforts to raise funds and awareness of the work of Norfolk Stop Ebola. After our last blog post about it, everyone at Dawson Books and Bertrams got behind what she’s doing. As well as money, they made a generous donation of around 200 books for Stop Ebola’s stall at the Winter Fair held in Norwich recently. This helped them to raise a fantastic £1, 435 over the two days.

The efforts of the medical teams in Liberia and Sierra Leone are being featured regularly in news bulletins this week, so here is Norfolk Stop Ebola’s  Virgin Money Giving Page, if you feel moved to donate to the cause.

Beatriz De La Iglesia wrote to Head of Bibliographic’s Angela Belham on behalf of Norfolk Stop Ebola to thank everyone for their help:

“On behalf of the Norfolk Stop Ebola team we wanted to send a message to Bertrams for the invaluable contribution that your company has made to our  fund-raising efforts.

The Ebola crisis has been quite devastating in West Africa, killing thousands of people and having enormous negative effects on the health system and economies of countries that have a precarious infrastructure already because of war and poverty.

We felt compelled to help and we started on various fund-raising initiatives, selling secondhand books, cakes, and others to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF have been a leading organization in this crisis.

They are also extremely efficient with the use of the money donated, spending 89 percent of donations in medical projects and just three percent on administration and staff costs with the rest going to further fund-raising. We are extremely proud of the work they do.

One of our leading team members, Yaima Ballester, works for your company and so she took the initiative to approach you for a possible donation.  Not only did your company donate money but also you were so generous as to donate close to 200 copies of brand new and beautiful children books which sold instantly.

The books also enabled us to attract people to the stall and spread the awareness about the impact of Ebola in West Africa.  We therefore would like to thank Bertrams for showing a high level of corporate responsibility and providing us with the means to raise money.

Furthermore, we will like to thank each and every employee that got behind this, sorted books, authorized the donation, created posters or just donated some money.  Together we have shown that Norfolk cares. Our team has so far raised about £5,000 and this would equate to many lives saved.

On behalf of all our team, a heart felt thank you for taking our cause on board and
helping us so greatly to achieve the important milestone of £5,000.”

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    This is a fantastic response by everyone in Norfolk to a crisis which the current news of just one UK patient’s battle has only served to highlight how difficult Ebola is to treat in Africa.

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