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Cirencester Deaf Club on their trip to the circus

Cirencester Deaf Children’s Club on their trip to the circus

Rowan House‘s Nicola Hewlett has been using her Volunteer Time for something extra special – she’s learning sign language at her local Children’s Deaf Club.

Nic has volunteered at the Cirencester Deaf Children’s Club (CDCC) for three years and helps out at the sessions once a month. Activities are mainly craft-based but also include trips to the circus and pantomime with the 0-8 year old children.

Nic started learning sign language in September and said:

“I wanted to learn so I could communicate better with the children and their parents. The club is a mixture of both deaf and hearing children and parents, and now the club is taking those who have no hearing issues, but want to become more Deaf Aware.”

This month Nic will be taking her first exam, a BSL Level 1 exam, with further exams next year to complete her first year of signing.

Good luck Nic!

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    Good luck, let us know how you get on with your exams.

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