NNSC Find their Superheroes

Children in Need superheroes at NNSC

We have some more Children in Need superhero fun, courtesy of NNSC and Lauren Boswell this time 🙂

Honeycomb on sale at rowan house for children in need

Meanwhile over at Rowan House

They raised a grand total of £36. We also have an update from Tuesday’s report from Newport, where Sue Jagger organised a collection and raised £101.42 from the Nights, Twilight and Operations teams.

It’s been great to see everyone dressed up (or down!) in their costumes this year!

Breaking News: The overall total raised for Children in Need this year has topped £500 🙂

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    An excellent achievement by all locations taking part and it looks like everyone enjoyed this year’s superhero theme!

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