Cakes and Superheroes

Superhero costumes for Children in Need 2014

Spot the Superhero – from left to right we have: Sam Page as Pop Eye, Stuart Birch as Mr T, Shaun Gormley as Superman, Sophie Morris as Lady Zorro and Dawn Addis as The Incredible Sprout

Instore‘s Sophie Morris has the details of their efforts for Children in Need last Friday…

“Just a quick update with how Friday’s fund raising went. A few people dressed up (put on t-shirts to match the theme) and money was raised from the cake sale.

Nearly £40 was raised just from the bakes (I’ll give you the exact amount when I find out). Photos attached – the cakes that went on sale, Shaun Gormley’s little hero action figures, and the fancy dress costumes.”

Cakes and mini heroes for Children in Need

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