Megan Tries the Knee Knobbler

Megan Davies and friend after their Nelson Knee Knobbler run across the beach in Norfolk

Megan (left) and friend after the race with no hint of knobbled knees!

Bertrams‘ Megan Davies has given us a super update on her running plans. Sadly ill-health recently means she has had to withdraw from this year’s Saltmarsh 75, but it hasn’t stopped her running activities completely.

Megan explains further:

“I am not going to let me being a bit ill affect my future running plans, so I have signed up to Sri Lanka, which is 6th – 13th March. It’s the first ever multi-stage race to be run in Sri Lanka. I am currently talking to Sarcoma UK, the charity I raise for each year about taking one of their spots in the London Marathon in April too.

Other than that, I have signed up to a 10k run along Horsey beach in Norfolk called the Norfolk Knee Knobbler, which is pretty much all on sand. It’s partially to ease the disappointment of having to curb the longer distances for a little while and partially to support a friend who is training for the Norwich half…although she is a lot quicker than me already! I run for distance not speed, she is the opposite, so we are helping each other improve.”

And then after Sunday’s event she sent in her news from the actual race…

“It was great. We had great weather for it and it was a lovely little course with the majority of it either being run in sand dunes or down by the water on Horsey beach, so we had a good view of the seals swimming close to the shoreline. It was the first of that route to be run, but I’d happily go back again next year.

The attached picture is of me and my friend (who came second female!) celebrating crossing the line with a free cuppa – it was as good a medal as any!”

Good to see ill-health hasn’t thwarted your plans completely Megan, and here’s to a full recovery so you can not only fulfill your revised goals, but also join the Saltmarsh 75 in 2015 🙂

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    Here’s to a swift recovery Megan, so your future plans come to fruition.

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