Volunteer Time Helps With Dementia Awareness

Photo of Age UK volunteer Deb ZazaWe have a great story today about The Consortium’s Deb Zaza who already volunteers for Age UK in her own time as a befriender in the Shropshire area.

Age UK offer a half day Dementia Awareness course for their volunteers. This is important training for many people in all kinds of roles – not just befrienders – as our population gets increasingly older.

The training is only available in work time, so we were only too happy to accept Deb’s application for Volunteer Time.

Deb has written a lovely piece about her experiences as a befriender – below is a sneak peek at an extract from her story. The rest will appear in Connections in November!

“I have no living grandparents of my own and my heart-strings are always pulled when I think of old people alone.  Currently there are 70 people on the waiting list for a befriender in the Shropshire area.

The application was straightforward, forms filled in then an interview which was very informal, informing me of the dos and don’ts and asking me what sort of person I would be happy to visit, male, female? pets no pets!?  I was very honest and I think that was important as I was then matched with someone who suited.

I would recommend this voluntary work to everyone, an hour or two a week to make someone’s life seem brighter is all it takes.

If you are interested in becoming a befriender or in any of the other services Age UK offer I know they would be thrilled to hear from you.”

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