The Consortium Exec team makes a fundraising splash

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We’re sure the Ice Bucket challenge needs no introduction, and many of you will have been nominated yourselves.

Last Thursday, it was the turn of  The Consortium Exec team to experience the thrill of a bucket of ice cold water!

All of the team took part and there were no shortage of volunteers to throw the water. Adam Henry, Head of Supply Chain Planning, also made a last minute appearance, after his team raised £50 for him to have a soaking too!

Most importantly, over £250 was raised, with proceeds split between the Wiltshire and and Midlands Air Ambulance Services.

Unlucky participants included directors: Glenn Leech, John Kershaw, Matt Palmer, Ian Waller, Ian Webb, Cathryn Petchey, Jan Steenberg and Adam Henry.

The more fortunate throwers were: Liz Beaven, Sarah Hall, Angela Crocker, Jenny Chesham, Claire Hudson, Louise Rudall, Kerry May and Pamela Raymond Heath.

To view all the fun, the laughter and the surprised expressions, click through the gallery.

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    Worth it just to see the expressions on everyone’s faces!

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