Who Will Be “The Biggest Loser”?

Dawson Books‘ Monika Fenicz has come up with a great way to Link-Up with some of her colleagues by creating a competition – ‘The Biggest Loser’. She takes up the story…

We started on Friday 4th July. I have brought scales to work and we all weigh ourselves. I keep a log of everyone’s results. To make it more interesting we have put money in, it’s only 50p each person each week. We have decided the finish day is the end of August, so we are going to do this for 8 weeks.

There are 11 people involved now, so the winning pot will be £44. To make it fair we are checking a weekly % of whole body loss, so everyone has a chance to win, even people who would like to lose only half a stone, because they weigh as much as Tesco Value chicken 🙂

I have also put together some rules, which everyone have to accepted before they joined in:

  •  Every week each person brings 50p for the winning pot
  • Whoever steps down from the competition is not allowed take money back
  • Feeding colleagues is prohibited
  • Bringing cakes, crisps and other treats is allowed as long as you don’t offer to your colleagues
  • Only water, teas and coffees (we all need some caffeine); no fizzy drinks and juices allowed
  • Minimum walk in office / home a day is 10 minutes
  • Full support to your colleagues appreciated

So we are ‘being good’ and we all have had some ups and downs. We keep telling each other what we had for tea after work, because that’s where we need to be the strongest. Some of us have started jogging, others use gym equipment others are just walking more.

It is great fun and we are doing well, though the numbers will show how well we’re really doing.

This was my idea because my health exams showed I have genetically small organs and to keep healthy I need to lose a lot of weight. It is awesome that the whole Dawson customer service team is involved because now it easier to say ‘No’ to morning tea with biscuits 🙂

Great to see you’re all giving each other such great support Monica, and here’s hoping seeing this article helps everyone to continue being good!

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