World Cup Food Fiesta

Logo for Rowan House world cup food day eventFood is a popular event for fund-raising and Rowan House have come up with a timely theme for their latest event. Laura Morris and Nic Hewlett have dreamt up something special for this coming Thursday…

We’re inviting everyone at Rowan House to our World Cup Food Fiesta on Thursday 10 July, where there will be a range of tasty nibbles, snacks and cake (of course!) all inspired by the countries of the World Cup.

But that’s not all…

… staff can also pay £1 to wear their favourite sport/football shirt.

Plus…who’s up for table football? As a bit of extra fun, there will be foosball in the Blue Apple kitchen.

All proceeds from the day will go towards the SOS Children’s Village in Brazil.

Fancy bringing something to the table?

Anyone can contribute to our food day – as long as your tasty treats are in some way related to the World Cup!

Contact Laura Morris in Group Comms or Nic Hewlett in Smiths News Finance if you’d like to get involved.

Happy baking!

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    The World Cup and food has to be an ideal combination…

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