The Ultimate Fundraising Idea?

Michelle Pringle of BLS has news of a clever fundraising idea, which has proved popular with her colleagues! 

Yorkshire Cancer Research logoShe recently made a donation to Yorkshire Cancer Research from the proceeds. Michelle takes up the story…

This money raised results from a weekly raffle where we all buy a ticket for 50p to win an hour early finish on a Friday. (Great incentive that’s why we raise so much!) I think there is more money to pay in but as yet we have not decided on a charity.

We chose Yorkshire Cancer research for £200 as for majority of us cancer has touched our lives in a sad way. It is a worthwhile cause as we all know and even some of us have been directly affected by it.

Here is an extract from the email Michelle received from Yorkshire Cancer Research after they received the donation:

I am writing to thank you for your kind donation  of £200.00.

In 1925, when Yorkshire Cancer Research was formed, the prognosis for all was very poor and usually fatal.

Together with our partners in the fight against cancer we have made many breakthroughs which have greatly improved the way we prevent, diagnose, treat and deal with the after-effects of cancer.

Every year Yorkshire Cancer Research spends about £6m on cancer research and we rely on the kind generosity of people like you to ensure that more people in Yorkshire will survive cancer, and have a better quality of life.

Thanks for telling us about your idea Michelle. It would be great to hear from you again, once you’ve decided on what to do with the rest of the money you’ve raised 🙂

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