Building Up Strength for TrekFest

work cake sale collage

Tempting treats – how can people keep working when there’s all that chocolate cake nearby 😉

TrekFest isn’t just about the miles of training beforehand and the walk itself. There’s also
the fundraising needed for each walker’s nominated charity, plus ensuring adequate calories are consumed to build up the strength needed for the big day…

… so what better strategy can there be, than to hold a cake sale? 😉

That’s exactly what The Consortium‘s Team West @ WMS did in Shrewsbury last week. Natasha Sewley reports they raised £103.07 from the cake sale, plus £30 from a non-uniform day.

Here’s hoping the walk went better than their travels to Wales as they got stuck in traffic on the M6-M42 on Friday. Look out for news from all of our teams in our full TrekFest report coming soon…

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    An excellent reminder that meeting fundraising targets isn’t just about the walk itself. It needs a sustained effort, just like the training for these events.

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