Wordery Walks

Last but not least, we introduce our seventh team due to tackle TrekFest this weekend. Let’s hear it for…

Wordery Walks TrekFest 2014 team member

Wordery Walk’s Lucy Manfield – we’re looking forward to seeing a team  photo from the walk itself 🙂

Team Name: Wordery Walks

Lucy Manfield, Tim Williams, Rob Gilchrist and Will Jones from Wordery

Charities: Cancer Research UK and Tommy’s


27 or 54 miles?  27 miles

Why TrekFest?

It’s a huge challenge (which is now really dawning on us!) and it’s an opportunity to spend time with people from across the Group whilst raising money for great causes.

First time or seasoned trekker?

Our team is of mixed ability. Some of us have been on some mild treks in the past and others run marathons for fun!

Tell us more about your charity?

Cancer Research is a charity very close to Lucy’s heart. Whilst working closely with universities and research institutions to find new ways of treating the disease, it is also dedicated to helping the victims and families of cancer.

Tommy’s is a charity that focuses on research into pregnancy problems and provides information to parents. When a pregnancy fails or a baby dies, the families affected can be devastated and often have a desperate need to know why. Tomy’s leads the way in maternal and fetal research in the UK and Will is happy to support them.

How much training have you done as a team?

We haven’t had a chance to train as a team yet but we have two walks planned before the event. Fingers crossed this will be enough…

Most looking forward to? Aside from crossing the finish line, we’re looking forward to spending time with colleagues from across the Group and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Camping or B&B? We’ve gone for B&B, not very hardcore I’m afraid!

What would be your ultimate ‘Trekkers Breakfast?’ Full English with builders tea!

Thanks Lucy! Good luck to Wordery Walks and all the other TrekFest teams this weekend!

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