The Bake Off Commences

Selecting a slice of cake from those on offerForget The Great British Bake Off, Worcester/Instore is where it’s all happening at the moment! Sophie Morris reports on Monday’s inaugural round, the first of four delights. Who could resist a slice from the wide variety of cakes on offer? Judging by the photos we’ve received, no-one!

A selection of severely depleted cakesThe first round of the MSC/Instore Bake Off took place on Monday and all the chocolate entrants went down really well. More people baked than expected and the products all looked amazing!

Clare Morgan was the adjudicator, while four judges tucked into the cakes to give each one a score out of 20. The top 4 results of the first round are below (all from MSC!), but it’ll be a cumulative score which wins the end prize.

  •  1st         ROSS Jones
  • 2nd         HOLLY Parkin
  • 3rd         AMBER Atkinson
  • 4th         LAURA McDonald

Everyone else in the office donated generously to sample some of the fine cakes made by their colleagues. We will be counting the total at the end of the competition, but it was clear to see that a very pleasing amount has been raised already.

We’re already looking forward to seeing what will be baked for next week’s SAVOURY round!!

Thanks for the update Sophie! Now, what does one have to do to be roped in as a judge? 😉

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    Did anyone save me a slice?

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