Rolf Gets Snorkelling

Our latest muddy challenge involves snorkelling and a world championship!

On 24th August Llanwrtyd Wells hosts its 29th World Bog Snorkelling Championships. This event welcomes competitors from as far afield as Canada and Australia as well as from all over the UK. It promises to be a gruelling event to match all the extreme obstacle races and endurance events we’ve reported on so far this year.

Competitors need to complete 2 lengths of a water filled trench cut through a peat bog whilst wearing snorkels and flippers. An added twist is conventional swimming strokes are banned, so entrants rely on flipper power alone.

New Comms team member Rolf Palio has set his sights on bringing glory to Rowan House by winning the championship at his first attempt. Training is going well so far. Says Rolf:

“Putting in the training miles isn’t a problem as I’m a member of my local pool in Swindon, but getting used to the conditions I’ll be meeting in Wales is proving a challenge. My best attempt so far was when I added a couple of large bags of multipurpose compost to my weekly bath. At last I’m getting the measure of the reduced visibility I’ll experience In August!”

Looking forward to your next update Rolf  – and some pictures 😉

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  1. Laura Morris says:

    Welcome to the team Rolf – I’m sure you’ll fit in well with your love of Wales and awful sense of humour…

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