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Sport Relief LogoWith less than a week to go to the big weekend we have more Sport Relief news! Lots of you have been in touch to tell us your plans.

Dianne Levitt at The Consortium is involved with sport on a regular basis, so she now has the perfect excuse to inject a little fun into proceedings for Sport Relief. Says Dianne:

“I am involved with Wellington Swimming Club and we are having a fun session on the night of Sports Relief. As part of this I, along with the other coaches, will be swimming 2 lengths in my PJs or onesie!”

Staying with swimming, InStores Field Marketing have scheduled a battle of the sexes at their local pool to add a little spice to their 5 kilometre fundraising relays.

Instorm for Sport ReliefCalling themselves Instorm, the girls team comprises Lisa Pass, Hannah Pass (Lisa’s daughter), Rachel Underhill, Joanne Reynolds  (Rachael’s friend) and Sophie Morris (team captain). Their Sport Relief donation page says:

“Nothing like a bit of friendly competition! We are swimming 5km to raise money for the charity. If you could sponsor us, we’d be really grateful. No matter how big or small your donation is, every penny makes a difference. In return, we will make sure we beat our opponent boys team!”

The boys have called themselves Malestrom and the team comprises Chris Townrow, Luke Simons, Sam Page, Chris Pass (Lisa’s husband) and Callam Oakley (team captain). They’re a little more modest about their chances on their donation page.

If you’re thinking Lisa, Sam and Sophie’s names are familiar, then that’s because they  took part in Swim Britain last year.

Meanwhile in Bradford, the NAC have sent us a very colourful poster of their Sports Relief activities…

Poster showing NACs Sport Relief activities

…and last but not least, Borehamwood are having the same sweepstake as reported previously for Crawley. In addition they will be having one of their popular food days.

With at least 9 locations involved and dozens of you participating in various ways, our first Flagship Fundraiser of 2014 is set to be a huge success 🙂

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