Your Events Diary for 2014

Quite a few of you have been looking at 2013’s Events Diary lately, so it’s very timely that we’ve now updated it with the key dates for 2014 for many of the popular events you’ve enjoyed and supported in the past.

So whether it’s eating cake, dressing up (or down), or something a little more challenging, there’s bound to be a good cause waiting for your support, which also has a website with oodles of resources you can make use of!

Don’t forget that you can easily find 2014’s Events Diary again, by clicking on the link from the drop-down menu which forms when you hover your mouse on About found at the top of this page.

Note that we’re putting the final touches to the key Smiths News events for this year, so this Page will be updated as soon as these are announced.

As news of your activities comes in, we’ll also be updating the 2014 Link-Ups Page. This already shows Mark Tuttle’s support for Great Ormond Street Hospital as reported last week.

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