Of Silver Anniversaries and a Raffle

Celebrating Joanna Johnsons 25 Years service

Stockport were kept very busy in the run up to Christmas, with a special celebration and ensuring the staff’s children weren’t forgotten. Keith Foster gives us the lowdown on all the festivities…

DSCN3016“On 19th December Joanna Johnson (Admin Assistant) at Stockport House completed 25 years’ service. As well as receiving the pictured flowers, Joanna was presented with a gift voucher plus a cake with a cheeky message (click on the picture to see what it was – Ed) that her colleagues made for her.”

We’re told Joanna planned to spend the gift on a new television in the Christmas sales – here’s hoping that mission was accomplished! Keith continues…

Children's Raffle winners

Steve Smith and Joanna Johnson with their Children’s Raffle prizes

“On the same day, across the Stockport Group we carried out a “Children’s Christmas Raffle”

Every member of staff who has a child/children under 16 years of age could enter the draw (all the parent/guardian needed to do was complete an entry form and drop it in one of our suggestion boxes).

We picked 6 winners across the Stockport Group (3 in Stockport and 1 each in Liverpool, Warrington and Bolton) and presented their parent/guardian with an appropriate gift for their son/daughter on Christmas Day.

Bill Bradley, SN Stockport’s most “senior employee” picked the winners from the hat (AKA “Tote Box”)

For every child that was not one of the “lucky 6 winners” we gave each of them a selection box (this totalled over 110 selection boxes!!!!)

Needless to say it was “rather well received “ by all!!!”

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    Congratulations on your 25 years service Joanna. Good to see your colleagues marked this landmark event in style.

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