The Wheeler Dealers Make It!

Left to right: Graham Armstong, Norman Cooke, Rob Stevenson, Sam Jama, Stephen Clark, Kev Graham, Fred_Napier, Richie Graham

Journey’s end – well done lads, next stop PARIS! Left to right: Graham Armstrong, Norman Cooke, Rob Stevenson, Sam Jama, Stephen Clark, Kev Graham, Fred Napier, Richie Graham

Howay the lads! Our intrepid Wheeler Dealers from Newcastle House have successfully completed their Coast to Coast cycle ride 🙂

Hats on,  shorts on - they're ready for the off!

Hats on, shorts on – they’re ready for the off!

Carol inglis reports:

‘It was an extremely eventful weekend for our intrepid Wheeler Dealers.  They had to ride through heavy downpours and unexpectedly deep puddles.


Just one of many minor puddles!

Uh oh, it's looking serious!

Uh oh, it’s looking serious!

Kevin took some great photos, and I believe he got engaged to one of the sheep that kept getting into his pictures.  They were glad when they reached the hotel that night, and under protest, had a few bevvies to keep out the chill.  The next day was better and they reached Tynemouth without mishap.  A fantastic achievement by all, and special thanks to Scott, Rob and Keith for supporting them’.


Rob’s version of a CHAD

Fred will be taking part in the Paris to Swindon ride in September, so please keep those donations coming in. The total so far is £840 from online and in-house donations.

Still laughing after torrential rain all day

Still laughing after torrential rain all day

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  1. Mark Cashmore says:

    An excellent team eaffort and I’m delighted to see Fred is joining the Paris to Swindon Bike Ride.

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