News of the Dragons

newport boatWith just one week to go until the closing date for the Dragon Boat racing, we hear that Worcester now have competition! Yes, a team from Rowan House will be joining our intrepid crew to provide Smiths News’ own ‘mini regatta’ with the Regatta 🙂

The teams are as follows:

Worcester – Get the Word Out

  • Vicky Wheeldon (Captain)
  • Lisa Pass (Drummer)
  • Wendy Cane
  • Mike Frost
  • Kay Oakes
  • Andy Wheeldon
  • Rupy Dharmi
  • Mike Falcon
  • Lesley Alcock
  • Chris Townrow
  • Charlotte Keen
  • Ross Jones
  • Rebecca Edwards
  • James Lamb
  • Jess Beard
  • James Webster
  • Derek Hampton
  • Gavin Spares
  • Alex Williams, Charlie Bradley and Laura McDonald (Reserves)

Rowan House – No Pressure

  • Laura Morris (Captain)
  • Viv Heydon (Drummer)
  • Paul Smith
  • Brett Hanley
  • Andrea Kreugel
  • Dan Giles
  • Si Sargeant
  • Mark Charlton
  • Sam Hemphill
  • Sam Marlow
  • Lauren Devine
  • Fred Pavone
  • Tim Weaver
  • Lucy Manfield
  • Lisa Coate
  • Sophie Morris
  • Mike Andrews
  • Chris Wilding and Tom Shaw (Reserves)

Anyone else fancy joining them? Have a look at the Race the Dragon Flagship Fundraiser page and contact Laura Morris now!

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