Goodbye Dispatches… Hello Community Link-Up!

Community Link-up LogoThe blog fairies have been very busy over the weekend to bring you a shiny new look and a new name to boot!

To coincide with today’s launch of Community Link-Up, it’s time to give Dispatches a makeover so it continues to meet your needs. The aim is to keep you better informed and to ensure the programme builds on Community Week’s success.

So, it’s time to wave goodbye to Dispatches… and time to say hello to Community Link-Up!

Don’t worry, all your news published previously is still here! Your blog posts – plus the general content where applicable – have been retained and will be added to in the weeks to come.

Just like the Community Link-Up programme,  the blog has the same name and the same three main strands:

  • Charity Fundraising
  • Community Volunteering
  • Colleague Involvement

You’ll find these same headings at the top of this page, on the main Menu bar below the Community Link-Up banner.

Here’s a closer look at the changes – starting with the Main Menu:


AboutThis new option introduces you to the Community Link-Up programme and invites you to get in touch with the news of your fundraising and participation in other Community Link-Up events.

Charity Fundraising menu optionCharity Fundraising

This replaces the previous Community Week Menu option. It will also form the umbrella option for this Link-Up strand with the previous Flagship Fundraiser and Get Involved and Raise Money Menu information now lined up beneath it. Hover your mouse pointer over the Charity Fundraising option at the top of the page and see what appears!

Community volunteering menu optionCommunity Volunteering

We already have some content published for this strand since the re-launch of Volunteer Time last November. Now it’s time to make this information more prominent on the blog, with the inclusion of its own option below the Community Volunteering option on the main Menu. Details of specific Link-Up schemes such as Stickability and the Young Readers Programme are also found under this heading.

Colleague involvement menu optionColleague Involvement

This new Menu option will have lots of information to support the launch of this new Smiths News initiative. Outline details of Link-Up Fortnight and the Great Workplace Experience are also found under this heading with more news to follow soon…

Other menu optionsOther Menu options

  • The FAQs option is retained and has been updated. It will have sub-menu options for each of the Community Link-Up areas where applicable.
  • The Community Champions option is retained – note there is a new list for 2013 which replaces any paper copies you’ve downloaded previously.
  • The Documents option is also retained, but now has the Training Plans documentation as an option below it. Note there are new Publicity and Sponsorship Forms for 2013 which replace any paper copies you may have on file. There’s also a Newsletters Archive for Community Link-Up’s fortnightly e-newsletters.

Categories listElsewhere on the blog – the Categories drop-down list

The Categories list is a breakdown of all the blog’s posts into broad subject areas of interest. It’s designed to help you find the information you’re interested in more quickly.

NB all the blog posts previously categorised under the Community Week heading now appear under Charity Fundraising in the Categories drop down list shown in the right-hand sidebar.

There is also a new Community Volunteering Category set up to reflect its increased emphasis in Community Link-Up for 2013. The new Colleague Involvement Category will also appear as soon as we publish the first blog post on this subject.

Category list Part 2

You’ll also find Michael Jamieson listed there, to reflect his post-Olympics support from Smith News.

You’ll see many of the Categories have sub-categories to help you find the blog posts you’re interested in. The Charity Fundraising Category is divided into the kinds of events you’ve arranged previously and thus forms a good source of ideas for future ones.

Community Volunteering has the Volunteer Time and Volunteer Case Studies sub-categories. In time, ones for the specific Link-Up programmes in the pipeline will appear as and when posts are published for these.

If you want to dig even deeper, then use the Search facility also found in the right-hand sidebar to find e.g. all the blog posts published for a particular location.

Events diary on the drop down menuElsewhere on the blog – your Events Diary for 2013…

The key dates for this year’s Community Link-Up activities, such as Link-Up Fortnight and the Paris to Swindon bike ride have been added to the main charity events highlighted already. The Events Diary will be updated as and when more events are confirmed for 2013. Watch this space for more details!

Elsewhere on the blog – updated Documents for 2013

There is a revised list of Community Champions and new Publicity and Sponsorship Forms for 2013. All links from the Menu have been updated to point to the new documentation. These replace any paper copies you may have on file.

And finally…

We have a new email address for you to contact us! The importance of Community Link-Up going forward is reflected in its dedicated email address.

So, enjoy exploring your new-look blog and look out for more exciting announcements as Community Link-Up takes shape!

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  1. markhcharlton says:

    Well done on the new blog – it looks great. I’m sure that Link-Up will be a huge success this year.

  2. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    Fantastic. Here’s to a memorable year for our Community Link-Up programme.

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