Ready… Get Set… Grow!

Look! Even Royal Mail are getting in on the act!

Let’s Grow! Teams and individuals taking part in the Movember Challenge should arrange to have their ‘Before’ pictures taken today, so they have a ‘clean sheet’ ready for November’s growing.

So far we have participants from:

  • NAC – The NAC Banditos
  • Trade Marketing – Matt Piper and Tim Edridge
  • Since writing about Matt and Tim, they’ve been joined by six of their Trade Marketing colleagues – Neil Davies, Andy Dunkerley, Rob Mackenzie, Jas Rehal, Nick Scraggs, and Darrell Stead
  • Add you or your team’s details here by completing a Publicity Form. NB this will kick-start your fundraising with a £20 donation!

At the time of writing, fundraising is already underway (over £100 and counting), even though it’s not quite November yet 🙂

We’ll be back soon to see how everyone’s growing!

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One Response to Ready… Get Set… Grow!

  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    I hope Movember doesn’t prove a ticklish challenge. I wonder if anyone else from Smith News is joining you?

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