Watch Michael’s Olympic Progress

We now have details of exactly when Michael will be swimming over the next few days and which channels the coverage will be shown. BBC1 and BBC3 will be dedicated Olympics channels, with BBC2 taking over from BBC1 when it occasionally breaks for news updates. If you have access to High Definition TV, then BBC1 HD and BBC HD will mirror these channels.

There are also 24 dedicated BBC sports channels, which cover one sport per channel at a time. The ones chosen for swimming move around quite a bit and you will still see most of the action on the channels we’re highlighting. Have a look at the Radio Times TV listings for more information if this is something you wish to pursue. If you only have basic Freeview, you won’t be able to get these channels, but you will be able to access them via the internet.

If you have a 3D TV, BBC HD is showing a highlights programme at 11pm each night and Eurosport has extensive 3D coverage via Sky. Where swimming fits into these is yet to be determined.

Don’t forget you can leave your messages of support for Michael in the comments below and we’ll make sure he gets them.

All coverage is BBC1 and BBC1 HD, except where shown otherwise.

NB Michael has confirmed he won’t be at the opening ceremony tonight as he’s swimming tomorrow, so it’s no good trying to spot him in the Team GB squad when they enter the stadium!

Saturday July 28th 

  • Heats for 100m breaststroke 11.53
  • Semi finals for 100m breaststroke 20.30

Sunday July 29th

  • Finals for 100m breaststroke 20.08 – fingers crossed!

Tuesday July 31st

  • Heats for 200m breaststroke 10.40 – on BBC3 and BBC HD
  • Semi finals for 200m breaststroke 20.17

Wednesday August 1st

  • Finals for 200m breaststroke 19.30 – fingers and toes crossed!

Times may change at the last minute and updates can be found on the Olympics swimming events website. We’ll update you in Dispatches if we hear anything.

Note: Michael may also get the chance to swim in the 4x100m medley relay depending on his performance in the individual event and the swimming manager’s thoughts on his team’s chances for making the final. If it’s a strong team, quite often the weaker swimmer swims in the heats to give the best performing one a rest ready for the final. Assuming they make the final of course, which is the gamble the team manager has chosen to make!

If the team is weaker, the manager may choose to swim the best individual performer in both heats and final, if they get there. Michael said in his last guest post that the team were placed 6th in the world championships last year, so the team manager’s choice may go either way.

If the team makes the final AND the podium, all participating swimmers get a medal irrespective of whether they swam in the heat and/or the final. Therefore there could be up to 8 swimmers eligible to receive a particular relay medal colour, so tactics rule!

  • Heats Friday 3rd August at 11:49 – on BBC3 and BBC HD
  • Final Saturday 4th August at 20:27 – on BBC3 and BBC HD

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