Bertrams Staff Get Quizzical

Kirsty McLaren with her limited edition Philippa Gregory novel

The Marketing and Bibliographic teams at Bertrams ensured their colleagues were thoroughly flummoxed for the whole of June when they devised a fiendish quiz to test their general knowledge.

Participants were invited to buy copies of the quiz, comprising questions on the following topics: Sport (not your normal sport fare, mind – the first question concerned bog snorkelling!); Literature (including a Norwich-specific question); History; Music & Pop Culture (which revealed what subject Kermit the Frog has an honorary degree in); Science; and a good old Picture Round.

Winners were announced on Thursday, 5th of July. The prizes included Hunger Games goodies, Lego sets, a box of Belgian beer, a case of wine (won by Marketing’s Frances Staton who got 95/100), a limited edition Philippa Gregory novel (won by Bertrams’ Kirsty McLaren who also got

Malcolm Aitchison with some very special whisky

95/100) and a very special 20-year-old bottle of Highland Park whisky (won by a pleased-looking Malcolm Aitchison, who works in Stock Replenishment, and who got 97/100).

People were very pleased, if not a little flummoxed, by the quiz, and another round is promised for next year by the organisers, Stephanie Sykes and Gareth Evans.

£144 was raised for Priscilla Bacon Lodge, which specialises in palliative care in Norwich. Several charities were nominated and this received the most votes as people wanted to support a local charity.

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    So what subject does Kermit have his honorary degree in?

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