It’s a Triathlon… But Not As We Know It, Jim

We’ve news of a triathlon with a twist – all the hard work was in the gym!

IT’s Sally Willavoys, Andrew Taylor, Andrew Caple and Alan Stone of Wakefield House ‘worked out’ in the gym at Swindon’s Marriott hotel on on Monday 25th June. They each  rowed, cycled and ran a quarter of a marathon in each discipline (10.55km each time), with rowing replacing the swimming leg of a traditional triathlon event.

Thus they ran/rowed/cycled a total of 19.623 miles (31.65 kilometres) each. The first person completed the challenge in 2 hours 15 minutes and  the last in 2 hours 35 minutes. Impressive!

All their efforts were in aid of Prospect Hospice in Swindon, which offers dedicated end of life care and support to patients and their families in the Swindon and North Wilts area. Their care takes place not only at the Hospice, but also at Great Western Hospital and in patients’ homes. The service is free to all who need it.

The team’s imaginatively titled Just Giving page, Shattered R Us is here.

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    I hope Shattered R Us have made a full recovery!

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