Welcome Back!

Welcome back to everyone who participated in Community Week last week! An especially warm welcome goes to our Flagship Fundraiser participants: you can have a look at Ian Tallamy’s final installment from his From S to N bike ride and I’m also looking forward to hearing how our three Ridgeway Walk teams got on yesterday. How did your event go? Send in your pictures and Publicity Forms so they can be featured here on Dispatches!

Whilst Community Week forms a focal point to Smiths News’ fundraising activities, it doesn’t mean they finish at the end of June. I already have news of a couple of events due to happen shortly which will be featured on Dispatches this week and I’m sure there’ll be lots more Publicity Forms arriving from you soon.

We also have the Olympics to look forward to, especially to cheer on Michael Jamieson in his events. Dispatches is open again to take your messages of support for Michael, especially now his competition workload has increased so dramatically.

There’s also the Community Week 2012 Awards to celebrate, so we’re standing by for  your nomination forms.

I’ll also be taking a retrospective look at some of the Community Week activities from time to time, such as Mark Silver’s ‘stroll’ around Kirklees. These will be using photos, so do send lots of these in as well as your Publicity Forms!

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