It’s Rainbow Friday!

Helen Ives and her HR colleagues at Bertrams have come up with a fresh twist on the Dress Down Friday theme (or up for that matter) to raise funds for Sense.

Since the end of May, they’ve been holding Rainbow Fridays. Participants pay a £1 to dress in the nominated colour for that week. Each one is different and it all comes to a colourful end in Community Week, with orange designated as the final colour.

I wonder if this was chosen in view of Dispatches‘ main header colour? Today’s colour is Green, and Purple will be  on view next Friday.

Jubilee colours

A patriotic red, white and blue were chosen for the Friday before the Jubilee weekend, with staff showing a number of ways in which they complied with the new ‘dress code’.

Sadly Dispatches wasn’t offered photographic evidence of the boys dressed up in pink 😉

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  1. Mark Cashmore, Chief Executive says:

    What a colourful way to celebrate the end of the week and raise funds at the same time

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