Cuppas, Trousers, the Race for Life and 2012

Here’s another post featuring some of the charities and events which are coming up over the next couple of months.

The ideas covered in February’s post proved to be popular, so do let us know if inspiration strikes and your Community Week plans involve any of the following:

  • Diabetes UK Care for a Cuppa Day – June 2012
  • Cancer Research UK Race for Life – May/June/July 2012
  • Wallace & Gromit Children’s Foundation Wrong Trousers Day – 29th June 2012
  • Gold Challenge & 2012 Challenge – May/June/July 2012

Diabetes Care for a Cuppa Day

What could be a better way to raise money than to hold a tea party? The Diabetes UK Care for a Cuppa website has downloadable posters and invitations, plus a quiz to help raise awareness of this often overlooked condition.

Cancer Research UK Race for Life

This proved to be a popular event last year with both novice and experienced runners. Some events have already taken place and you can find out from the website whether there’s one still to be held near you.

The races are either 5k or 10k, so this is probably only viable for those of you who already jog or run on a regular basis. Though my friend always completes her Race for Life by walking briskly!

Wrong Trousers Day

Wallace and Gromit are not only asking you to wear your whackiest trousers this year, but also wanting you to add an Olympic twist to them. Tasteful gold for a bit of bling perhaps?

Gold Challenge & 2012 Challenge

Fancy trying a new sport or three? The British Olympic Association and various partner charities have issued a challenge for you to try up to 30 new sports during 2012. Don’t worry – you don’t have to do all of them! You could tackle them as a team, or just try 5. The idea is to try each of your chosen sports for 3 hours between now and the end of December.

Alternatively you could try the 2012 Challenge. You or your team elect to complete 2012 minutes (just over 33 hours) of a chosen sporting activity (e.g. running, cycling, swimming) before the opening ceremony on 27th July. That works out at less than half an hour per day between now and when the Olympics start if you’re doing the challenge on your own. Or much less if it’s tackled as a team!

Looking for something else? Then the drop down Categories list to the right is another great source of fundraising ideas.

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